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Jojoba Balls Face Scrub - All Types of Skins

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Collection: Wild Shea & Plants

Type of care: Face  
Suitable for:  
Type of action Face  
  Face > Perfect Complexion
Face > Balance & Detoxify
Face > Cleanse & Exfoliate

Products :

By Plants properties and their traditional use  :

This non abrasive scub helps : exfoliate dead cells, eliminate impurities, tighten the pores.
Your skin becomes pure, neat and smooth;
Your complexion immediately improves ! Fresh and bright .  

Cleans deeply  without agressing, has an active participation to the cellular renewal  thanks to the micro particles of the exfoliating  Jojoba, Pomgranate, Musk Rose ingredients.

Composition :

Composition : 

Vegetal Oils : Almond . Apricot .  Hazelnut .

Floral Waters :  Carrot . Lavender . Marigold . Orange blossom . Yarrow .

Essential Oils Camphor Tree . Cypress . Grapefruit . Incense .wood.  Lavender . Marjoram . Myrrh . Parsley . Rosemary . Sandal.

Other Ingredients : Acacia Collagen . Aloe gel . Cider Vinegar . Cocoa . Grapefruit . Glycerin . Jojoba . Pomgranate . Musk Rose . Silicon  . Sorbic Acid  . Tocopherol .  Xanthan Gum .

Huiles Végétales : Abricot. Amande. Carotte. Chaulmoogra. Framboise. Lys. Nigelle. Noisette. - Eaux Florales : Achillée Millefeuille. Calendula. Carotte. Lavande. Oranger. Rose. - Huiles Essentielles : Benjoin. Cyprès. Encens. Lavande. Marjolaine. Myrrhe. Pamplemousse. Persil. Romarin. Santal. - Autres Ingrédients : Aloé gel. Argile jaune. Arnica. Cacao. Collagéne Acacia. Concombre. Karité Sauvage. Pamplemousse. Silicium. Squalane. Vitamine E. Vinaigre Cidre. Exfoliants : écorces de Karité. Rosier de Muscat. 



Usage tips & tricks : :

Directions for use :




Apply  with finger tips, after make up removal to dried skin. Let stand for 3 minutes on dry skins and 5 minutes on mixed or greasy skins, then use your finger tips or a natural tissue to scrub it in circular motions and rinse.

Due to its extreme smoothness you may renew the application any time you want. Even every day.

Description :

100% Active Principles

No chemical preservatives nor synthetical fragrances

Tested with pleasure and attention by our fans Women & Men.



►has been and is also the subject of a consumer satisfaction questionnaire .


    Not tested  on animals .



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