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100% Karité Sauvage Face Body Hair & Scalp Julie' s advice Sun Care


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Type de cheveux > Flat - Dull

210ml 45.00 €
apporter vitalité et brillance, volume et texture ; purifier et tonifier le cuir chevelu, revitaliser, hydrater, fortifier les cheveux. Il régule le cuir chevelu, revitalise le cheveu fatigué, renforce et nourrit les pointes abîmées. Rend le cheveu soyeux et brillant, lui redonne sa souplesse.

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200ml   *Available in various volumes 65.00€
Do you dream of a beautiful, silky mane, nice curls, glossy hair, dancing a symphony in the light, day or night ? Let yourself go in the expected softness of this smooth Balm.

210ml 45.00€

100ml   *Available in various volumes 35.00€
The Shea Tree (butyrospernum parkii) – tree of life with the multiple virtues, grows wind with no pesticides nor fertilizers in wooden Savannah.

100ml   *Available in various volumes 42.00€

200ml   *Available in various volumes 80.00€

200ml   *Available in various volumes 80.00€
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